The ever-observant TigerHawk points to a Corner post noting that, on the matter of the meaning, if any, of the “Bush doctrine,” Governor Palin is at least partly in the company of none other than….


…respected foreign policy scholar and Woody Woo Dean, Anne-Marie Slaughter!

 But ask yourself: How would a real foreign policy sophisticate have replied to Gibson’s question? 

Well, Anne-Marie Slaughter is the dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton. She was interviewed by Alan Johnson, for a book titled: “
Global Politics After 9/11: The Democratiya Interviews.”

Here’s how the exchange begins:

Johnson: What are the central differences, and what are the elements of continuity, if any exist, between ‘the Bush doctrine’ and the ‘grand strategy of forging a world of liberty under law’?

Slaughter: Tell me what you mean by ‘The Bush Doctrine’.

In other words, Dean Slaughter gave the same answer as did Palin.

Ouch. Poor Dean Slaughter. 

The rest of the excerpt is also interesting, though I do not think Dean Slaughter’s “how we differ” statement (3rd paragraph) hits the mark. 

Nevertheless, little things like this one, particularly warm the heart of this prestigious car-window sticker provider.