While there are factions which persist in characterizing American politics as being excessively rough-and-tumble–and, moreover, never as bad as the present!!–I’ve never quite been able to agree.


An underdog in Sunday’s election for governor of Bangkok punched and kicked a television journalist Thursday, saying he was provoked by tough questions during a live interview.

Chuvit Kamolvisit, dubbed Bangkok’s massage parlor king by the Thai press, later apologized for losing his temper and assaulting host Visarn Dilokwanich after the interview.

“I admit I did it. I couldn’t stand it when he humiliated me on air,” said Chuvit, a stocky former bodybuilder who owned a strip of girly bars before entering politics a few years ago.


Clearly, we’ve failed yet again to take International Opinion (TM) into account.  Indeed, one might argue that by International Standards (TM), we’re too damned nice…

When will we ever learn?